Resurgence, Refinement, Renaissance

We are freelance consultants specializing in software architecture and SEO with more than 25 years' experience in the industry. We aspire to keep humanity at the heart of the cold digital age; we strive to remember that technology exists to serve people, and similarly, we are here to serve our clients and their best interests.

What is Camerata?

Digital & Technology Strategy & Leadership

We are a team of digital strategists whose focus is on promoting humanity as the heart of digital technology. With an extensive background in Marketing & Digital, we believe in helping people and organizations understand their digital journey through the eyes of what it means to people. Because even as technologists, the end result is always about people, something many engineers, managers, marketers, executives, etc. tend to forget. 

Our aim is to help individuals, organizations, and businesses realize their goals by making meaningful relationships with their customers and employees and understand that this doesn’t just end with the launch of a website or implementation of a platform but is an on-going connection that requires strategic direction to nurture and grow. And for employees, this means creating a culture of success that challenges them and enables them to grow and think beyond their box to serve the organizations overall goals.

We do this by speaking, training, and consulting on the topics of digital marketing and technology. 

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